Well I have arrived in Casablanca spent one night and am on my way to Marrakech today. Yes indeed the Marrakech express of song and fame. I don’t really know what to expect there because .. as Brittany would say… Whoops I’ve done it again… yes thats right. This trip to Africa began not in the middle of Ramadan but at the end during the feast of Eid Al-Fitr. I am finding everything is closed and buttoned up once again.

So I am trying to make the 9:30 am train so I will keep this entry a bit short. Last night I arrived, caught an easy taxi ride into the city to my hotel, checked in with little effort and promptly fell asleep for four or five hours. This left me a bit rested and somewhat hungry.

Dinner was calling so I left and ate at Retaurant Fez.. true story! But I had my first Tajine which is a traditional Moroccan dish cooked sizzling hot in a clay pot. I had a 1/4 chicken with some olives and fruit in it.

I will be meeting a local guide today in Marrakech so I hope for a more full day of touring so hopefully a better update for y’all tomrrow. Thanks for all the comments I love hearing from everyone!

P.S. Grant you were right.. the hotel photos were completely from 30 years ago.. the place was clean but pretty beat up and ridden hard 🙂

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  1. Well, the hotel might have not been “as advertised,” but the beach looks AWESOME!!! No surprise you tried the local fare. You did not give it a rating. How was it. Looked interesting. Love the beer – did you save the bottle label??? Cana’t open the pictures to bigger size. Onward ho!

      1. Like the bigger size, but connect the pictures, so I do not have to do each individually.

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