Well folks here we are, concrete everywhere, jeepneys, motor bikes, traffic like hell, deathly looking power strung everywhere.  Totally reminds me of Bangkok.. too bad Gino is not here.

So the super long 16 hour flight to China went well with the help of some comfortable digs and some great eats.

But I have to digress to my connection in Shanghai (Guangzhou, China).  I think I found my new love of toilets…  Heated, washes, and blow dry’s you all in one unit.. must get for home!

But to catch you up I arrived, and thanks to my new friend Armand, knew to download the “grab” app.  It is the Philippino version of Uber.  Made getting a ride at the airport a breeze and I was soon on my way to the Henry Hotel. (www.thehenryhotel.com).  In a busy and modest part of town but a complete oasis of green and calm in that insanity. 

By night it was even prettier, even if I was taking pictures with blood running down my shin from taking a digger  getting through the gate door when I didn’t see the raised bar I had to step over.. and no I hadn’t a thing to drink.

The rooms comfy and reasonable size.. $100 USD.. could certainly have gone cheaper but didn’t feel like staying in a backpacker hostel my first night in.. and it paid off as I am WELL rested right now.

However the best part of day one was meeting Armand, my new friend from the Philippines thanks to Gino the mayor who knows someone who knows someone.  It was … “my friend gino’s, friends wifes, nephew”  .. LOL hows that for a connection.  But Armand aside from giving me great tips pre-trip took me to a traditional fare Philippino dinner.  I can’t tell you what the hell anything was called but there was a peanut soup that was amazing, a hot and sour soup with beef, crispy pork belly bits, 

Armand is making a bit of a career change from pimp daddy tax lawyer to hoi pelloy diplomat.  He is increidbly well versed on world affiars and equally inquisitive about those things he doesn’t know.  Please send him prayers and good wishes for his final two exams this week for his state department entrance requirements.  I will take him out for dinner and drinks on Friday after my visit with my sponsored friend Joanna.

Currently, I sit in the JAM Liner bus cramped in seats meant for tiny asians.  Traffic in this place is insane… it does not help that the president of China is in town either!  But I have great cell coverage allowing me to write this on my new folding keyboard while I listen to a movie in Tagalog .. truly about on par with Mr. Bean in Zanzibar for those who remember.

Here are some sights on the way to the bus depot.

12 Replies to “Another Big City in the Bag”

  1. Another day in another world. What a super start Gino’s friend’s wife’s nephew gave you. Nice to have friends.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing! Glad you and Armand connected. Love your blog (super funny) and look forward to more posts as you travel through the country.

  3. Billy! Nice find with the toilet in Shanghai. You’re lucky – many of the places my brother’s been to in China consist of a mere hole in the ground (referred to as a “squatty potty” by us westerners):)

    1. Wallet still on hand, a small ATM card scare when I couldn’t get $$ out the first day but all squared away now… I’m writing this from a boat after a great wreck dive

  4. Awesome post Bill baby!!! Don’t know if I’d have “cleared” Gino to go though. You e already had him for his birthday the last 2 years😏

  5. I’m so curious to learn about that oscillating toilet… Sure caught your eye! Tell us more. Seriously. What *don’t* we know (apart from anything!)? Anything other than lethargy that will give me, or my wife, a “soft rear” is of keen interest! 🙂