Well let’s just say that my trip to Donsol to see the Butanding (whale sharks) was a complete bust.   Getting there and back was quite easy and I had a lovely ride through the mountains with “Butch” seeing a lot of local life.  Once at the resort, Vitton Beach, I get a lovely if very sparse room with a balcony overlooking the ocean.  

After walking down to the whale shark interaction center I discover that the last sighting they had was three weeks ago…guess I should have called.

So back to the resort and I have lunch off garlic fries and spring rolls after hanging out by the pool.  After lunch it’s nap time then more pool and sunset then dinner.

All in all very chill day.. Until 1 am when that debacle of a Michigan game happened.. That’s all I’ll say about that but getting the broadcast over the internet was a challenge and definitely not worth the effort.

So up at 6 am to get Butch to take me back to the airport as I’m headed to Boracay.  Another nice ride back singing along with Butch to Frank, Jerry Vale, Elvis.. Very surreal.

3 Replies to “Boo Hoo Butanding”

  1. Good to have a day to chill and the scenery looks very pretty. You sound relaxed despite that awful game. It is what it is and now we move on. Hope to see some landscape pictures. The mountains looked awesome in the one picture.

  2. You’re looking a little shaggy without the M-hat P. Maybe it’s time to use the clippers? Just saying…lol