Friday, August 20, 2010
Hurghada, Al Baḩr al Aḩmar, Egypt

Well ladies and germs, today has been a relatively slow day news wise but had a little excitement.  Basically we were up early to catch the 8am bus ride down to Hurghada on the Red Sea.  6.5 hours in basically a nice tour bus (Michelle says I’m lying and that it was a dump!).. we got to watch the most excellent of action movies .. completely in Arabic.  Listen to some great Muslim prayers and basically the full on local bus experience.. we were definitely the only english speakers on the bus!  I personally thought that was pretty cool but Michelle I don’t think was so fond of that part of the experience.. I believe it was “I thought we were going to be kidnapped!”  Ahhhh.. traveling with me can be so much fun.  

But by far the best part of the bus ride was getting off, fighting to get Taxi drivers, unloading our luggage.. and well, just for my brother.. realizing I didn’t have my wallet or my phone.  Fortunately for me this was an easy fix as they had just fallen out of my bag in the overhead compartment and I was able to quickly run back on and get them back.  We had the most excellent of taxi drivers though who turned out to be an Arabic teacher who taught English in school and because”everywhere teachers don’t make enough money” he works driving the taxi in the afternoons.  He clued us into a really great sounding dive center and tomorrow morning we are off on that diving excursion.  

 So this afternoon when we arrived in Hurgadah, we finally hit the Red Sea.  What a way to put a bit of a chill on the blast furnace of heat rolling out of the desert in waves.  It is amazingly rich salinity in that water… aside from the fact that I may not be the most svelte person in the world, I think I floated like a BP oil spill on top of the water!

Well, tomorrow we’re off for a full day of diving so I’m hoping to have some great updates tomorrow!

Thanks everyone for staying it touch it is GREAT to hear from home!


Pictures & Video

Road Side Stop at the Suez Canal


Road Side Stop at the Suez Canal


Little miss sleep-a-lot

Little miss sleep-a-lot


View from our hotel room

View from our hotel room


Brian don't break into this one!

Brian don’t break into this one!



8 Replies to “Its hot… REALLY HOT… @#$#$^!#$%#$%@ HOT!!!”

  1. Dude, are we going to have to start making you wear a fanny pack?!?! Love the view from your room. I could live there.

  2. Billy,Billy, BILLY!!!!! Did Michelle REALLY KNOW what she was gettiong into!!! I hope Pat and Sunjay are not reading this. Tape the important stuff to your body.

  3. So it's hot, right? You mean like … Africa hot? You know, which is fine if you're with … well, you know the rest.

  4. "Stand Clear of the Closing Doors Please!" Heard that on Tuesday and missed you terribly!! But…I am so excited for you!!!

  5. I'm raising a Shitlero to you. Tell the python snake charmers hi for me. I will send you a Shiltero via FedEx if you hold a python (not that one).

  6. I think your friend is sleeping so much because FEAR takes a lot out of a person, and can you imagine how she must worry about what you're going to lose next?! Her fate is tied to yours! HAHA! Did you get any time to explore at the Suez Canal? Or was it just a quick pitstop? I don't care if it was a luxury liner, 6.5 hours on a bus stinks! Maybe this trip is also an opportunity to manufacture a prototype along the fannypack line that can hold all your essentials but still look cool! LOL The pictures are great! Jessica p.s. David wants to know if you're going on Safari!

  7. Ah P nothing change 🙂 until more people travel with you, noone will truely understand the scope of how FUN it actually is to go across the world with you.