So as I sit here on the worlds most boring conference call, I am thinking about islands, scuba diving and most importantly a visit to my young sponsored friend Joanna Marie who lives in the Philippines.  

I was connected with Joanna through an organization called Unbound (  What a beautiful organization working diligently to help the under-privileged and under-served populations of the world. 

If you’d like to help contribute, please visit:

Bill Niester’s Unbound Outreach Page

In this case Joanna lives in the Antipolo region of the Philippines and is a beautiful 13 year old girl.  Her English is outstanding, her heart is huge and her future is bright!  I am so very very excited to be able to visit her this November 23rd in her home city and explore the world through a 13 year old’s eyes in a developing country.  I’ll be sure that I update you all on this beautiful journey.  I have been sponsoring Joanna for the past 5 years and look forward to being with her for many years to come and enjoying her growth and maturity.