The Sun Came Out Today!
Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand

Welcome to day two of Bangkok. It appears that I am getting a nasty cold or somethign as I have a severe stuffed up head, a sore throat and I’m sleeping so well. But that’s not slowing me down too much. I woke up at 7:00am today and was wide awake today not able to go back to sleep. I won two games of solitare on the phone and then passed out.

In the morning we braved the sun comming out to take a walk to the river rather than the bus/taxi option. As it is the weather here is a cross between Phoenix in August and Miami. Yes folks, its hot sweaty and nasty. Gino smells.. I smell.. everyone in this city smells but we are having fun none the less.

Today after convincing the locals at the boat dock that we were not schmucks to be had for fools and not taken for a ride we got on the water taxi for $40 bhat for both of us. Yes, for those of you keeping score, yesterday, 900 bhat for 30 mintues, today 40 bhat for 45minutes.. ooops! The boat ride was fantastic though. It really is interesting to see how the locals live right on the water. Also intriguing to see the poverty stricken living literaly right next door to the milllionaire mansions along the river. Really a town of have and have nots. The really strange thing is that nobody complains about the king and/or queen..its against the law. However there are those that think the current or past PM are the way to go and have thier propeganda set up in the hear of town to convince the rest.

So after the boats we strolled through the BEST local market selling everything from whole fish to french fries. Continuting down the roat we fianlly make it to the Vimanmek Teak Mansion. Wow.. Linda, this full 3 story house contained all the King’s worldly posessons as well as full construction in only 19 months! Gino’s panicking becuase he thinks the next prject at home will be executed at this pace.

After much walking around we discover that I was a dumbass and missed the closing time of a couple of the museums to 5pm and we didn’t arrive until 5:30pm. As we wandered around Cinatown both Gino and I looked at each other and thought.. weI *need* to get out of this place as I’ll never see it again this way.

Finally we go over to the big marble palace to investigate the throne room. The king can also buy one day passesses if tats what we woudl like to to stoop. Gino’s passed out on the here in the massive pillars but here you on.. Looking forward to catching up with you afterout massive and the possibility of an overnight I’ve stoo d door to the are abou twhich you have seen.OK… everyones falling asleep here so we’ll cut this one short.. it is 2:30am here 🙂

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