But if you try sometimes, you get what you need.. These lyrics were running strong for me yesterday.  I woke up feeling quite lonely indeed and if I might say a little sorry for myself that I didn’t have someone to travel with.  But then along the way from Donsol to Boracay, I got what I needed.  

It started with singing tunes with Butch, then a mercifully easy check in and transfer at the airport.  That was when I saw a Wendy’s, turns out a little old fashioned comfort food from America was what I needed to lift my spirits.  

So buoyed by great burger and fries I continued my transfer in Manilla, only to stumble upon mass being said right there in the concourse.  I didn’t catch everything but the consecration and communion was plenty to let me know that God was looking out for me and blessing be on this journey and I had nothing to hold me back.

So then I need to make it through the gauntlet of the airport when I land.  I have the choice of a tricycle motor bike to the pier, then pay environmental fee, then find the right ferry, then verify my hotel (you have to prove you have a place to stay to get on the island), then get on the ferry to Boracay, then find another tricycle to my end hotel….  or pay 700 pesos ($13 USD) to have someone escort me the whole way.. I chose the easy way out that a few extra dollars in my life affords me.

Then I am treated to the most amazing hilltop room and view that I think I’ve ever stayed.. Seriously.. My own private balcony with whirlpool spa, two rooms of AC space indoors and a shower that keys me look over the whole view while I clean up.

So I spent a couple hours lazing around, reading and listening to Christmas tunes until it’s time to go to dinner.  At the recommendation of the front desk I head down to mama’s fish house.  There I have a couple beers, some shrimp pad Thai and some chocolate ice cream for dessert.

It is on my way home that the best part of the day occurs.  While walking through the unlit ramshackle little village at the entrance to Diwidi beach as usual I get propositioned for a motor bike ride.  As I’m only going five minutes I decline, but the gentleman wants to know where I’m from.  So I stop to chat.  Well one thing leads to another and I end up sitting around a big ole pool table having beers with my new friend Bdaoi and his nephews and his son and the rest of the men from town.  We have a great conversation about Philippines changing economy, the history of the north end of Boracay which according to him was owned at one time mostly by his grandmother.  

After leaving my new friends I head up to my room.  And when I say up, I mean UP!!  A fifteen minute walk up a narrow 10% grade road, then about 30 TALL steps straight up to the penthouse level where I fill my whirlpool with cold water and proceed to soak and read under the stars to the sounds of the ocean.  

All in all a great day.  Today has stated equally well but I’ll write more tonight or tomorrow morning.

4 Replies to “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

  1. Nothing better than the local gossip. How fun is that. The way you describe your digs sounds awesome. You are getting spoiled me thinks.

  2. Oh my goodness – what a rollercoaster of emotions! How amazing to get in with the locals as you do… I’ll take the next trip with you!