Ladies and Gentleman… and sailors!

I embark on a new adventure that I will keep you up to date on .. but for now its a quick note about the adventure across the pacific.

Stealing the details from John Rushing since he did the good work of compiling all the locations I’ll share it here…

Many of you know I’ve been prepping for the Transpac ocean sailing race. The race begins on Monday, and if you are interested in following the boat’s progress you can do so at:

The boat is Avanti, and the team is Avanti Ocean Racing. We have a blog that we will update once a day from the boat.

You can view this blog at:

After the race, we will upload photos to our Instagram and Facebook pages:

The race is 2,300 nautical miles of open ocean. Send us prayers, good energy, and all around good thoughts!

Next stop, Hawaii.


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